Fallout New Vegas: I put a spell on you

Image via Fallout Wikia

I am so sick of this quest. No matter what, I can’t find a good way no make it work right. I have it on PS3, so no console command thing. The main issue glitch for me, is I can’t eavesdrop on the whole conversation with Curtis. I go in the door and wait, but he doesn’t say anything. If I go up the stairs a little more, he says, “You’re getting too close Shamus” and then attack me. WHY WON’T THIS WORK!!?? I want to diffuse the bomb. Any hints of help?

I tried the pausing between him talking, nothing!
Tried waiting another day, nothing!
Tried doing other things for a while and coming back, nothing!
Tried confronting him, telling him nothing, and trying the next day, nothing!
Tried pickpocketing him after he said “You’re getting too close Shamus”, still couldn’t get on monorail!

The only thing I can do is kill him. I don’t get a full quest update if I can’t hear the whole conversation, but killing him seems to tell me to talk to HSU. But like I said, I want to save the monorail.


One response to “Fallout New Vegas: I put a spell on you

  1. Okay, so I basically just killed him, took what he had, and went to Hsu and accepted the fact that I couldn’t save the monorail. I still got 450 exp. and money, plus a good rep. with the NCR, but I wish I could have done it the way I wanted. I really hate bugs.

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