G4 Top 100 Games of All Time?

G4 has this top 100 video games of all time list, and I have to say booooooooooo. I can’t honestly agree with a lot of these games. What in the world did they base this list on? I would come up with my own list, but the idea is sort of mind boggling. You would have to think of all games, platforms, sales, popularity, region, dude there’s no way. I also think it would be better to categorize them. There are huge sales and followings per category, so to say top games of all time is just a tiny bit biased. Here is the list:

100. Pong
99. Words With Friends
98. Pitfall
97. NBA 2K11
96. Guitar Hero II
95. Burger Time
94. Braid
93. Star Wars: Tie Fighter
92. Galaga
91. The Sims
90. Baldur’s Gate II
89. Left 4 Dead
88. Double Dribble
87. Mass Effect 2
86. Out Run
85. Silent Hill 2
84. Wii Sports
83. Ninja Gaiden
82. Super Smash Bros. Melee
81. Resident Evil
80. Gears Of War 3
79. PsychoNauts
78. Spy Hunter
77. Excitebike
76. Blades Of Steel
75. Fallout 3
74. Starfox 64
73. Mega Man II
72. Mortal Kombat
71. Wing Commander II
70. Star Wars
69. Double Dragon
68. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
67. Minecraft
66. Assassin’s Creed II
65. Unreal Tournament
64. NBA Jam
63. Wolfenstein 3D
62. Civilization II
61. God Of War III
60. Contra
59. Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tenacle
58. Ultimata Online
57. Pokemon Red/Blue
56. Super Street Fighter IV
55. Kingdom Hearts
54. Gauntlet
53. Deus Ex
52. Rock Band 3
51. Ratchet & Clank Going Commando
50. Sonic The Hedgehog
49. Angry Birds
48. Tecmo Bowl
47. Must
46. Red Dead Redemption
45. Metal Gear Solid
44. Grand Theft Auto IV
43. Quake III: Arena
42. Ghosts ‘N Goblins
41. Super Mario 64
40. Space Invaders
39. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
38. Super Metroid
37. Halo
36. Batman: Arkham City
35. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
34. Counter Strike
33. Final Fantasy VII
32. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
31. Skyrim
30. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
29. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
28. Super Mario Kart
27. Chrono Trigger
26. Ico
25. Grand Theft Auto III
24. Madden 2005
23. Halo 3
22. Panzer Dragoon Saga
21. Resident Evil IV
20. Call of Duty 4
19. Diablo II
18. Ms. Pac-Man
17. StarCraft
16. Half-Life
15. Donkey Kong
14. Uncharted 2
13. Portal
12. Doom II
11. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
10. World of Warcraft
9. Shadow of the Colossus
8. Goldeneye
7. Super Mario Bros. 3
6. The Legend of Zelda
5. Tetris
4. Asteroids
3. Bioshock
2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1. Super Mario Bros.

Overall I feel like this list is just thrown together. I mean how can Bioshock be #3 when it came out in 2007? I don’t understand why it’s so close to #1. I’m not saying Bioshock is a bad game or anything, but we’re talking all time here… ALL TIME! If you count all games everywhere it’s over 5 million games, so to pick 100 of the best, I feel there wouldn’t be too many newer gen. ones. Game changers alone could probably fill this list, so I think rules need to be in play to determine the best.

Another thing that killed me about this series was the people. I swear half of those people had no idea about any of those games. When I hear them say stuff like, “she saved THAT planet” or “It was cool because it had all this new stuff” I was just frustrated by it, ESPECIALLY when they talked about games I loved. For instance when they talked about Final Fantasy VII, it was like talking to people that just watched a quick video clip of the game and were then asked to say something about it. They never said why the game was great, or what made it a game changer or anything. Seriously, I wish I never watched this series and I only saw from 44-1, but I digress.

I really love video games, and I love lists, so this piqued my interest. I was glad I could see another view, but to be honest, IGN has a better idea of how to gather this with their 2008 top 100 games of all time. They had rules for the games, like they had to be released by a certain date, they had to have at least 1,000 user reviews, etc. They also have specific lists like best sports games and best rpgs.


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